Other Products and Services

Merchant Processing
Northland Financial customers are able to process credit card payments through an online virtual terminal or in a retail setting taking credit cards from clients. We offer great rates and next day funding through our preferred provider program.

Internet Banking
Northland Financial customers are able to use the internet to conduct virtually all of their banking business. From the convenience of any internet connection, customers are able to transfer funds, make loan payments, obtain account balances, and more.

Online Bill Payment
Discover how easy it is to stay on top of your bills. Bill Payment allows you to pay bills through your personal computer rather than by writing and mailing checks. This feature also allows scheduling one-time or recurring payments and verification of past payments. Bill Payment is free to our customers! To utilize the Bill Payment service you must be registered for Internet Banking. If you are already registered for Internet Banking, just login and select the Bill Payment icon to register.

Instant Cash & Check Card
Leave your check blanks at home! Your Check Card is not another credit card - it's a check. With this one convenient card you can make all your purchases PLUS it's an ATM cash card! Use your Northland Financial Check Card to make purchases everywhere VISA® is accepted, or use it to access your account at ATM locations worldwide! Simply present your check card at the time of purchase, and the amount will automatically be deducted from your checking account. Your checking account statement will display the name of the business where you shopped and the amount of your purchase. It's that easy!

Visa Business Instant Cash and Check Card
Designed to be used in place of checks, this card allows purchases to be made directly from your checking account. It's the equivalent of writing a check. Purchases and transactions appear in detail on your monthly statement.

Instant Cash®
Carrying this card is safer than having cash in your pocket and with ATM's all over the world and it is convenient too! It's free with any Northland Financial checking or savings account.

Dial A Bank
Dial A Bank is an excellent supplement to our online banking service when you are away from computer access. Use a touch-tone phone to access your accounts 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. It is easy, convenient, and free! You can obtain account balances, transfer money between accounts, make loan payments, or balance your checkbook. Dial A Bank service can be reached at 475-2383 or toll-free at 888-302-8058.

ACH/Direct Deposit Settlements
Northland Financial provides electronic payment and deposit service through Automated Clearing House membership. With this service, customers can have regular or one time electronic deposits made directly to their account. With ACH and E-Check services through EtelCharge.com, there is no need to worry about lost, stolen, or delayed mail or checks. Deposits are assured when you want them and when you need them.

Northland Financial customers may also use ACH settlement to pay bills, including loan payments, insurance payments, utility payments, etc. Use ACH to ensure prompt payment of your bills and forget the worries of late charges and past due notices.

Offering the ultimate in payment security, ACH electronic settlement is available free of charge from Northland Financial.

Wire Transfer Services
Wire Transfer services are provided if you need to move money quickly, either locally, nationally, or internationally. Some of the information commonly needed for a wire transfer includes:

  • Destination Bank name and routing number
  • Beneficiary name, address, and account number
  • Your account number
  • Your name and address
Travelers Checks
Travelers checks are available in a variety of denominations and eliminates the need for carrying large sums of cash when traveling.

Cashiers Checks
Cashiers Checks offer convenience and safety when payment by check is required or preferred. Drawn on bank funds and signed by a bank employee, Cashiers Checks assure the recipient that the funds represented by the check will be paid when the check is presented back to Northland Financial. With no worries about stop payments or non-sufficient funds, the check recipient is free to transact business immediately and confidently with the presenter of the check.

Money Orders
Northland Financial is proud to offer Travelers Express Money Order service. Money orders offer a safe and convenient alternative to personal checks for periodic bill payments or other financial needs. Money orders are a preferred payment by many mail order companies, as they are assured that the funds represented by the money order will be honored by their bank and by Travelers Express company. Individual money orders are available for up to $1,000.

Notary Service
Northland Financial offers free notary service from any one of several authorized staff members.

Credit Life and Disability Insurance

Auto Pay
This service ensures that your loan payments will be made on time, every time, automatically from your Northland Financial checking or savings account. Automatic loan payments entitle you to a reduced interest rate on any Northland Financial consumer loan!

Overdraft Protection
Avoid bounced checks for good! Overdraft protection automatically transfers available funds from a different checking, savings, or money market account to your checking account to cover checks that exceed your checking account balance. Northland Financial offers this service for free! Overdraft transfers from your savings or money market account are limited to six per month.

Ready Reserve
Ready Reserve is a line of credit that provides ready cash when you need it. When you write a check exceeding the balance in your checking account, Northland Financial will automatically make you a loan from your authorized line of credit. We will deposit the loan amount directly into your checking account in sufficient multiples of $250 to bring your account to a positive balance. We will automatically debit your checking account each month to make the minimum payment required. As borrowed funds are repaid each month, they become available to borrow again.

  • May be used for any purpose
  • Provides protection from overdraft fees
  • Pay interest only on the amount you use
  • Flexible credit limit
  • One-time application

Safe Deposit Box
Enjoy peace of mind with the knowledge that your valuable documents and possessions are secure in a Northland Financial safe deposit box. A variety of box sizes are available. If you don't already have a safe deposit box, contact us or come in and open one today.


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